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This is my first non-Harry Potter set i'm reviewing today. As you can see its quite big with lots of awesomness packed into it. I love all the accessories in it, including, loadsa tools, sussages, pans, table tennis bats, helmets and more. The fire engine with it is also 1930's style which may upset some people, it also can fall apart during play and takes FOREVER to put it back together as when you fix one piece another breaks. I also love the bell which I don't think many other sets have, also i love the tree, lampost, bins, gold helmets and water tower. You may be wondering why I did'nt say I loved the flag, that is because it is the AMERICAN flag NOT the union flag I mean we're the better country. anyway i give it 4.5/5 would of been 5 but the fire engines flimsy and the FLAG grrrrrrrrrr.

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